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West Riding Personal Financial Solutions Ltd

West Riding House, 6-8 Commercial Street, Castleford, WF10 1DG. Tel. 01977 808600     Email

Founded in 2004, West Riding Personal Financial Solutions Limited, is registered in England as Company Number 5142989 and is directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as firm number 402246.

One of the UK’s leading Independent Financial Adviser firms, we now manage in excess of £90m for personal and corporate clients, pension funds, trustees and charities.

Based in Castleford town centre surrounded by ample parking, we offer advice on all areas of personal finance including pensions, savings, investments, drawdown and equity release. Contact us for a fact-finding consultation here at our expense with no obligation on your part.

Honest Advice in Plain English

“I have said this before and I will say it again: West Riding Personal Financial Solutions’ Neil Liversidge is an adviser I respect hugely.  A staunch defender of his clients’ interests, he is a fine example of what an adviser should be. Last week, both the Guardian and Financial Times provided another reason why he is so good.” 

Journalist Nic Cicutti in Money Marketing, 16th April 2019. 

“I have a simple method of self-checking my own advice which I teach to every adviser I employ.  With young clients I ask myself “What would I advise if this was my son or daughter?” For clients around my own age the question becomes “If this was my best friend or his wife, what would I advise them to do?” or “If this was my money I was spending, what would I do?” For more elderly clients the question becomes “If this was my mother or father, what would I advise them?”  Any adviser who does that will never knowingly do a client a disservice.  We are proud of the advice and service we give.  It’s important to me. Nothing in the business is more important.”  Neil F. Liversidge

West Riding Personal Financial Solutions Ltd – A Short History

I launched West Riding in 2004 with my wife, Linda, as my PA / Company Secretary and fellow Director … READ MORE