Case Studies: Claims Handling Successes – Compensation we have won for clients

  • Mr H and Mr C were BlueInfinitas victims for whom we won compensation of £50,000 and £46,872 respectively from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
  • Mrs H was a Guinness Mahon victim.  We won her £21,500 from the FSCS. 
  • Mr M was a Store First victim.  We won him £61,756 from the FSCS.
  • Mr and Mrs S were victims of maladministration by the financial advice division of Barclays which should have utilised their ISA allowance with a ‘Bed and ISA’ arrangement each year.  Owing to its negligence they suffered considerably greater Income Tax charges than would otherwise have been the case.  After declining an unfair and insufficient offer we took the claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service and won them £4200.
  • Four partners in a design business were victims of interest rate swap mis-selling by HSBC bank.  We won each of them £18,284 in compensation.
  • Mr H was advised to transfer his defined benefit pension scheme into the Dolphin Capital scam.  We expect to make a full recovery from the firm responsible or, failing that, from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if the firm goes bust.
  • Mr L was advised to invest his pension fund in a Stirling Mortimer Cape Verde fund which has fallen victim to a fraud.  His adviser has gone out of business but we expect to make a full recovery on his behalf from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

So-called ‘claims management companies’ charge clients anywhere between 20% and 40% plus VAT of the compensation obtained.  Our fees are usually less than £2000.  Our clients get to keep the vast bulk of the compensation we win for them.  Compare that to clients of the big-time advertisers Goodwin Barrett who charge 40% + VAT.  In the example above we charged Mr M just £975.  Goodwin Barrett would have charged him £29,642