General Election Result 2019

Some are shocked by the election result. I’m not. The ‘Great Remoan’ rearguard failed to comprehend that they had violated their contract with the electorate.  For the benefit of all current and would-be MPs, here’s some ‘Honest Advice in Plain English’ as it says on our notepaper and signage. 

Neil’s Guide to the Relationship Between Direct and Representative Democracy as Expressed via Elections and Referenda

1.      The electorate elects MPs who are thereafter its representatives in a representative democracy. They are not delegates, unless they kick the ball back to the voters in a referendum, at which point direct democracy supervenes irrevocably; 

2.      Once MPs have kicked the ball back to the electorate for a Referendum, and the electorate has decided, it’s MPs’ job to implement the decision as effectively as possible. Specifically, it is not acceptable thereafter to undermine it.  

3.      No MP should EVER consort with a foreign power against the British Government, even if it is run by a party other than their own. That’s called treason and it is inexcusable. When a British Prime Minister is humiliated abroad, whatever his or her political colour, our country loses. Any British politician who connived at that is guilty. 

4.      In a national vote, no part of the country can exempt itself from the result. Not London, not Scotland, not even the rotten borough of Dunny-on-the-Wold. It’s no more possible to do that than for one part to declare war or make peace on an individual basis. However important you think your bit of our country is, the whole country is more important, and it comes first. 

5.      No matter how much money you’ve got, how young and beautiful or how smart you think you are, your vote is not worth more than any other. Emily Thornberry, Gina Miller et al, please note. 

6.      Never, ever, ever, tell the people “They didn’t know what they were voting for.”  

To all those who say the UK is divided as never before and don’t understand why that is, there is a very simple answer: Never before in the history of our country has a large section of the political class tried to overturn a popular vote. That is third-world tinpot-dictator style politics. Labour, LibDems, SNP, PC, Greens and those Tories who undermined the Referendum result from within all violated the centuries-long deal the electorate has had with the political class. They made us a promise and then thought they could renege on it. They insulted our intelligence and showed they had no integrity. They divided this country, nobody else, and for that, they all richly deserved to be ousted.

Now let’s get Brexit done and let’s make it work for all the people.