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Latest News and Neilís Blog
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11 March 2018 This is worth watching. Harry Markopolos is a true hero.  Watch both parts and around the 20-minute mark in part 2 you'll hear Harry's advice to use small family firms like ours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfwJ06hc0_8

21 September 2016 -  Another scam we identified even though the regulator (FCA) didn't and still hasn't: 


We've busted quite a few scams over the years, helping our clients dodge some pretty big bullets along the way.  In 2015 a gang of scammers tried to rip off one of our clients.  We identified the bank accounts they were using and the main culprits.  Then we set up a sting operation here at our offices where one was arrested. 


In 2009 I was approached in 2009 ago by another 'adviser' pushing a Bernie Madoff style scam. I was offered £50,000 a time as an inducement to introduce clients.  I reported him to the FSA. The FSA did nothing though they did assure me that the matter had been passed to the fraud squad and that they would be in touch. Needless to say, they weren’t and a year after I first reported it he was still pushing his scam to other IFAs. With the FT's help we finally shamed the FSA into action and he was closed down.