We are constantly re-evaluating what we do so as to improve how we work.  We’ve done this from day one.  The result has been a succession of key decisions that have benefited both us and our clients.

Many of the improvements we’ve made over the years, and the new services we’ve been able to offer, have been client-driven.  We’ve listened intently to what our clients need and to the stories they’ve told us about previous experiences with other advisers.  As a result, our Clear and FAIR client proposition and our FairFees Promise have developed via an ongoing process of constant refinement, likewise our Advised Dynamic Drawdown Solution and our Asset Defence service. 

Other improvements have come about as initiatives from our colleagues.  We are a very democratic company.  Colleagues are encouraged to voice their opinions and agreeing with the boss is not an automatic requirement.  We enjoy and encourage robust discussions and we prize people who can think for themselves.  Why? Because we know that we don’t know everything, and that no individual automatically makes all the rights decisions on their own first time every time.  We hire people to use their initiative and we expect them to speak up and tell us if they have ideas about a better way to do something.  West Riding is very much a team effort, and it is a team of which we are truly very proud.