No Hard Sell

We aim to put you in an informed position so you can make decisions in a zero-pressure environment, ideally in your own home without an adviser sitting opposite you.  Or, more simply, “No hard sell!”

Unless some action is desperately urgent, which is unusual, we do not normally allow clients to sign up for our services at our first meeting.  We like clients to have time to reflect at home after our fact-finding meeting.

After our initial fact-finding meeting we send out a Welcome/Engagement Letter along with a Client & Fee Agreement Document.  The letter explains how we can help and what the cost will be.  The Client & Fee Agreement Document formalises the arrangement.  If you are happy with our offering, you sign and return the client agreement along with any letters of authority and suchlike documents, and we’ll get on with the work.  If for whatever reason you don’t want to proceed though then all we ask is that you let us know so that we can close our file and return any documents to you that you left with us. 

Alternatively, of course, if there’s anything you want clarifying before giving us the go-ahead, if you’ve just remembered something you wanted to ask in our meeting but forgot, ask away.

This way of doing business ensures that you get to decide, in the peace and quiet of your own home, whether or not you want to proceed.  We don’t want anyone to feel obliged to sign on the dotted line on account of our just having spent a pleasant hour together. 

We don’t like anyone trying to hard-sell us, and we don’t do it to our clients.