We frequently disagree with the policies and decisions of our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, but in fairness to the people the FCA employs, we generally find them to be extremely able, well-meaning, and helpful.  We have always found the most senior people willing to listen to our viewpoint and likewise, we are always willing to listen to theirs.

Sometimes we interact with the FCA via our trade body, PIMFA, but sometimes we tackle issues directly.  We believe in engaging frankly and honestly with the FCA, just as we do with the media.  If we think they are wrong or misguided, we say so, but we also speak up just as quickly if we support them. 

Many advisors we know keep their heads below the parapet so as not to attract the FCA’s attention.  We do not take that view.  We have nothing to hide and we have previously had the pleasure of hosting a senior FCA personage here to see for himself what it’s like at the sharp end of personal financial advice. 

This is a standing invitation to the FCA:  Send anyone you like to our firm, whenever you like.  You are always welcome to come and see for yourselves how a small firm operates.