Secure and Well-Paid Employment

It is an explicit aim of West Riding Personal Financial Solutions Ltd that we provide our colleagues with secure and fairly-paid employment.  To achieve that whilst still being as hyper-competitive as we are means that we need to be extremely efficient and effective in all we do.  In turn, to achieve that effectiveness and efficiency, we need the best people working with us.  Guess what?  Providing secure and well-paid employment makes it a lot easier to get the best people with the right motivation we need to run a very effective and efficient company. We call this our ‘virtuous circle’.

Some years ago, I had a friend who was a middle-manager at the Leeds office of a major insurer.  Every year he had to re-apply for his own job, so in reality he could never count on having more than a year’s continuous employment before him.  I saw the anxiety it caused him, and the limiting effect it had on his and his family’s lifestyle.  It wasn’t good.  I wouldn’t want any of our employees to go through what he constantly went through.

We understand that most workers need some degree of certainty in their lives.  Maybe they want to start a family and have children or to take on a mortgage to have a home of their own or to book a family holiday or take out a vehicle loan.  It’s important for people to know that so long as they and their colleagues do their jobs properly, they will almost certainly be able to count on being in their job one or three or five years hence. 

As well as paying fair salaries, we also pay 9% of basic salary into pensions for all employees who select our in-house pension arrangement in preference to an auto-enrolment workplace pension.  That’s not because we have a problem with auto-enrolment, we simply don’t want anyone to contract out, such as auto-enrolment permits.  Pretty much everyone should take up auto-enrolment who has the opportunity; not doing so is like turning down a free pay rise.

This is how we run our company.  Building a strong stable and secure company able to weather the economic storms that hit from time to time has always been our number one business priority.  That way, those working with us can have peace of mind and our clients can likewise know that we shall still be around to look after them.  As with everything else we do, our separate missions all interlock for everyone’s benefit.  Looking after those who work with us means that we are all better able to look after our clients.

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