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Independent Financial Advisor‘Independent financial advice’ means that the advice you receive is both independent and impartial.
Tied agents or insurance company representatives can offer only advice on products offered by the companies they represent. This is true also of most financial advisors working for banks or building societies. Multi-tied advisors can recommend more than one company but they still have a limited range of choices. So far as we can see, advisors only enter into multi-tie arrangements to get higher commission deals. West Riding will NEVER enter into any multi-tie arrangement.

As independent financial advisors we research the whole market. We are able to recommend the most appropriate products and services to meet your needs, regardless of which companies offer them. Our choice is not restricted.  Just as a doctor should seek advice on his own ailments, even the most financially experienced and aware individual should seek professional advice. An independent advisor will often pick upon matters that have been overlooked or which, perhaps, have not been treated with due importance.

The first meeting we have is always free, however long it takes. (As a general guide we find that the first meeting takes around 90 minutes on average.) There is no charge and no obligation. We will review your existing financial circumstances.

Everything we recommend is tailor-made for your needs. We don’t do ‘off the peg – one-size-fits-all solutions. If, for example, you need life assurance cover, we will help you to decide how much provision you need to make.  We will also help you work out an order of priorities.  We are realistic and realise that everyone has a budget to work to of some kind – few clients can afford to go for a ‘perfect world’ scenario. Like the name of the company suggests, we are in the business of providing personal financial solutions.

All our recommendations will be given in writing in plain English for you to peruse at your leisure. We do not believe in rushing clients to make important decisions and we certainly do not ‘hard sell’.

If you choose to proceed with our advice you have a choice of either you paying us a fee, or having the insurance companies / investment houses pay us commission. We offer a fee option because we are truly independent.