Excellence in Service

As with advice, this is another pillar of our company.  Part of our mission is to be a great employer to work with.  For the community’s sake we go out of our way to recruit locally.  Both of those missions directly benefit clients though, because, statistically, the nearer employees live to their workplace, the longer they stay with their employer.  The longer colleagues stay with us, the better they know our clients and the better the service they deliver.  That’s what we call our ‘clients-colleagues-community mission interlock’.

Great systems are another key to delivering the best service.  We’ve spent a lot of money on systems so that we can see when clients call, we can see where they stand pretty instantly in terms of valuations and the like.  Also, because security is so important, more now than ever with fraud as rampant as it is, we’ve put in a whole private portal for clients, see here 

We tailor our service individually to each client; there is no ‘one-size-fits-all, but twelve key factors are common to every one of our investment, pension and drawdown clients through our Clear and FAIR client proposition –

  • Twice-yearly internal fund reviews in line with our fund panel reviews
  • Ongoing advice on fund, plan, and platform switches as and when necessary
  • Annual suitability review offers to ensure your planning stays relevant
  • Personal reviews (no charge) here or by Skype or Zoom up to twice each year
  • Incidental advice as and when needed at no charge either, on a fair-usage basis
  • Your Personal Finance Portal (PFP) to communicate with us securely online
  • Quarterly newsletters to keep you up to date with both financial and company news
  • Low costs and our trademarked FairFees Promise
  • Personal service from one of the best-respected firms of its size in the UK
  • Fee-free reinvestment of withdrawn funds within two years of withdrawal
  • Nil initial adviser charge on Junior ISAs and children’s Stakeholder Pensions
  • 24/7 access to the owner of the business in emergencies

As we’ve said before on many occasions, we are here for you.