Business Financial Planning for Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies and Charities

We have worked over many years with businesses of all kinds, small and large, and also some national charities.  Whatever the form of your business, it will be worth your while to talk to us and discover how we might help you.  We can help with –

  • The investment of surplus funds.
  • Tax-efficient personal protection for owners, directors and key employees.
  • Partnership, co-shareholder and key person insurance.
  • Pension planning for the owners of the business and auto-enrolment workplace pensions for employees.
  • Helping business owners buy their business premises.
  • Making significant tax savings.
  • Getting businesses compensation for mis-sold interest rate swaps.
  • Management consultancy.

Below are links to some case studies explaining how we have helped businesses owners and their employees.

How we’ll help a self-employed joiner retire early thanks to our pension advice.

How we enabled a self-employed electrical wholesaler to save £6000 per annum in tax.

How we helped a graphic design partnership to save 30% on the cost of life assurance for its directors and key employees.

How we helped a husband-and-wife partnership to buys its commercial premises using their pension funds.

How we bought our own office building using our own pension funds.

How we helped the husband-and-wife directors of a private limited company to pay off their mortgage, save a significant amount of tax and build up a strong pension fund.

How we helped a husband-and-wife couple to rediscover their enjoyment of their business.