How to Find Us / Suggested Car Parking

Entering Castleford from the west via M62 Junction 31 you’ll cross a railway level crossing and a roundabout.  The bus station is on your right. Drive straight ahead and the road descends to a roundabout. Turn right onto Aire Street and go through a traffic light followed by a pelican crossing.  Aire Street becomes Bridge Street and to your front left you’ll see Castle Motorcycles.  Opposite Castle Motorcycles on your right is the entrance to the old market car park.

From the east via M62 Junction 32, head south down Pontefract Road onto the dual-carriageway part of Bridge Street with KwikFit on your left, that’s the ‘shaft’ of the ‘hockey-stick’.  Head north down the ‘shaft’ and turn left (west) at the roundabout. 

From the north you’ll enter Castleford first over the canal bridge and then over the River Aire bridge.  Ahead of you is a roundabout. Turn right (west) at the roundabout onto Bridge Street. Castle Motorcycles is on your right and the old markets car park is on your immediate left.  The car park has two openings onto Bridge Street, the first being the exit which is just west of the pelican crossing. The entrance is the most westerly opening (furthest from the roundabout). 

There is no parking at West Riding House but disabled blue badge holders can park behind on Jessop Street, WF10 1FA.  The nearest all-users car park is that just off Bridge Street opposite Castle Motorcycles.  If you’re using SatNav, enter 3 Bridge St, Castleford WF10 1JP (which is Castle motorcycles’ address) and it’ll take you to the correct part of Bridge Street.  You enter the carpark into the tarmacked half.  If you park there, the ticket machines are in the old market hall building you can see to your right front.  If you turn sharp right after entering the carpark and drive up onto the rough part, that’s council-owned and has its own meter. 


Having parked, if you look at the backs of the parade of shops on the west side of the car park, you’ll see the large West Riding sign on the rear wall of our old office.  Look 30 yards to the right and you’ll see a small flight of steps that descends to a small car park. Descend the steps, cross the car park and you’re on Sagar Street.  Walk up Sagar Street past our old office on the left at 17A (signage still in place) to the top of the street where you’ll see Richard Kendall, the estate agents, on your left.  Turn right up Carlton Street (pedestrianised) walking on the south side along the front of Castleford market, opposite Savers, the Co-Op, and other shops.  When you get to the end of the market frontage just after the deli, you’ll find Commercial Street running off south to your left.  Lloyds bank stands on the corner of Carlton Street (the main street) and Commercial Street where we are.  Look down Commercial Street on the right hand (west) side and you’ll see West Riding House with the flags hanging from the upper storey.

Ours is the big blue door with the central brass doorknob.  Press the intercom and you’ll be buzzed up to the first floor.