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We have received many positive online reviews, favourable comments by respected journalists and written testimonials from clients.  A representative selection can be found below.  We have many, many, more.

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The testimonials quoted below are all genuine verbatim transcripts from letters, emails and thank-you cards received from clients over recent years.  Hard copies are kept on file for inspection if required by the Financial Conduct Authority, Information Commissioner, Advertising Standards Authority or other body appointed by law.

“Thank you so, so much! Life is calmer and looking at a better prognosis. Thanks 1,000,000”

Mr R

“Thank you for listening and for your advice earlier today. As always, I am most grateful and humbled by your kindness […] I really appreciate all you do and all you have done”

Mrs M

“Neil, thank you for putting my world to rights!!”

Mrs C

“Thank you for your dedication and professionalism in sorting my pension out.  And your friendly atmosphere.  I wish you all the best in the future.”

Mr R

“I’ve got my dream and I’m thrilled.  I want to say how you and your team’s advice has been life changing for me.  From losing my husband and being financially weak, my mum going into care and the financial advice you gave, last year advising me to take my pensions early, ensuring I have a fixed, secure, income, which is particularly fortunate with COVID, and last week encouraging me to buy this car, plus all the reviews.  My lifetime of money worries has been lifted and my financial confidence has grown, despite these testing and financially unstable times I will get through it. Priceless. Thank you.”

Mrs H

“Thank you for all your help with my pension funds especially for always taking my calls whenever any other financial query has cropped up and always giving good advice or knowing which direction to point me in”

Mr R

“Thank you for sorting out the best way forward with our finances and avoiding potential crisis had we not arranged to see you.”

Mr and Mrs B

“My husband and I would like to say a big thank you for all the help, advice and kindness you’ve given to us.  We realise what a mammoth task the paperwork alone was and what a mountain of work this must have involved.  I myself would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and confidence you gave me when my husband was in hospital. You were the only person that made me feel that he would come home.  Yours was the one sane voice in the wilderness.”

Mr and Mrs C

“Since starting my own business I needed to organise my life, and my incapacity to work insurance.  For each of these I asked Neil Liversidge for advice.  Their response was immediate. Neil came to our home, met my wife and informed us very comprehensibly of all my options in a very professional manner, he even saved money on a needless extra insurance my wife didn’t need, as she is already well insured as a teacher.  He then went on to outline what I required to cover my needs should I be unable to work.  Neil was very sincere, did not pressurise in any way and left us lots of time to discuss what he had said and also answer queries we may have had.  We were very impressed with the prompt, efficient and thoughtful service received and would certainly be happy to refer our friends, colleagues and clients.”

Mr M

“I just want you to know that for me (and I am sure your other clients) you are the perfect financial adviser – totally honest, straightforward, friendly, always there when I need you. I couldn’t imagine anyone doing a better job and I am always so grateful for your help. Stay independent and thank you.”

Mrs F

“It gives me great pleasure in writing this to thank you and your staff for their combined effort to resolve my pension plans difficulties especially with NPI.  Your communications and clarity were brilliant.”

Mr B

“Good Job”

Mr H

“Thank you so much for all the help you have given me for many years and for being so kind and friendly. I am very grateful to you”

Mrs F

Thanks for all your help you have made insurance not so puzzling anymore.”

Mr and Mrs E

“I simply wanted to express my gratitude to you for helping me sort out both mine and my mother’s financial affairs this year. As you know it’s not been an easy time for me over the past year, with the loss of my father.  The professional and sensitive way in which you’ve gone about building a complete understanding of my mother’s circumstances is something which I have greatly valued. You took the time to be understanding of mine and my mother’s situation, not leaping straight in and coming up with a one-size fits all solution as I found other advisors tried to do.”

Mr H

“Neil arranged all of our business and personal insurances for us, as well as gave advice on other financial matters.  With a young family and business, we wanted to make sure we had the right level or protection for those unforeseen circumstances.  When diagnosed with a critical illness in 2011, thankfully we had the cover we hoped we would never have to use.  Neil has been fantastic in making sure that the insurance settlement was swift and efficient, is a true professional, as well as being compassionate throughout towards our unfortunate situation. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Mr D-R

“Just a quick one to say I’m still in shock over what the money has made. I’ve felt like I’ve won the lottery all day. So, all credit to you for the right advice.”

Mrs T

“Thank you for the service you have given us in the matter regarding pensions over the last three months.  I have listened to you many times giving financial advice on Radio Leeds and have always been impressed by your down to earth ‘layman’s’ approach towards financial matters. Because of this approach, I felt you were someone who I could deal with and place my trust in and that’s why I came to you. I think that was a wise decision and you got me the best return available on my pensions in a swift and efficient manner.  Prior to listening to you I never really trusted anyone in the financial sector and had the opinion that anyone having anything to do with financial matters was a ‘Del Boy’ type and in it for themselves trying to screw as much out of the public as possible (look at the bankers for a classic example). You have restored my faith somewhat although I still wouldn’t trust bankers as far as I could throw them.  In conclusion can we thank you once again for the service given and we would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”

Mr H

“It’s not often I say this but my wife was very impressed.”

Mr J

“As a professional who depends upon my reputation for building my business, I am picky about who I will recommend to my own clients.  I would not hesitate to recommend Neil to friends, colleagues, or clients.  Neil has been my financial adviser for a year now and I have been impressed with his integrity, his professionalism, and the lengths to which he has gone, to make sure he understood my situation so he could provide what I needed. It took a long time to get my affairs sorted but he never made me feel under any pressure to rush into a decision. Most importantly, I trusted him completely.”

Dr W