You are unique and deserve an Independent Financial Adviser who treats you as such.

Our regulator the Financial Conduct Authority, the FCA, thinks firms like ours should categorise clients, and indeed many firms have, using labels such as ‘young accumulators’ and ‘retired decumulators’. Such tags are useful to a degree, but only so much.  The reality is that we have a diverse array of clients, who, whilst having needs and objectives in common, are all unique. 

Amongst others, we look after –

  • The infant beneficiaries of Trust funds and Junior ISAs.
  • Students at university with funds which we have helped their parents accumulate.
  • Young adults starting careers and families of their own.
  • The middle-aged who are going through life and career changes.
  • Businesspeople whose pension planning intertwines with the needs of their business.
  • Clients retiring at, before or later than the state pension age.
  • Older clients in active retirement.
  • Very elderly clients, often in nursing homes, in some cases via their attorneys.

We always take heed of our regulator’s strictures, so we did give its categorisation idea some serious thought. We even filled several recycling bags working on how we could do it. But then we decided not to bother. Whatever categories we devised, we found that we had multitudes crisscrossing them. We have clients in every occupation and profession, from manual workers to some of the top lawyers, medical professionals, and media people.  We have the employed and the self-employed and entrepreneurs of every kind, some starting and expanding businesses, others selling or handing them down to their children.  We have clients emigrating from the UK and others re-migrating to this country. We have those who come for advice after receiving unexpected windfalls, and others needing our help because they have suddenly found themselves facing unexpected expenses. We have public-sector workers with employer-provided defined benefit pension schemes and private-sector and self-employed clients needing to fund personal pensions. We deal with those with more than enough money to retire comfortably and early, and others retiring in less-than-ideal circumstances. We also, sadly, deal with people facing life crises of all kinds. These often involve the sudden, unexpected, and early deaths of loved ones, the development of serious illnesses, divorce, unexpected unemployment, and all too often these days, victims of online fraud and deliberate mis-selling by unscrupulous charlatans. 

We soon realised that we’d need categories running into double figures, and even then, we’d have needed to invent more as we went along.  We decided, therefore, that it made more sense for us to carry on as we always have, treating every client as unique and taking the time to gain a deep and solid understanding of their lifestyle, family, concerns for the future, aspirations, needs and objectives.  Doing so enables us to work collaboratively, with every client having as much or as little involvement as they want, to carry their planning through in a way specifically tailored to what they want and need.

We’re not into hammering square pegs into round holes to make some bureaucrat happy.

With our years of experience, there is not much that we have not seen before.  Whatever the complications, we work to achieve the best outcomes for every client according to their own particular and unique circumstances and that is what we shall do for you.  You are unique, and if you come to us for advice, that’s how we’ll treat you.

We’ll work out a plan to fit you, we won’t make you fit a plan.

We are West Riding Personal Financial Solutions Ltd.