We aim to hire colleagues who share our values, trustworthy people who can self-manage and who genuinely have our clients’ best interests at heart. 

We also like to hire local people where possible.  It is a statistical fact that the further somebody lives from their place of employment, the more likely they are to leave to seek alternative employment that involves a shorter commute.  Longer-serving staff members acquire a deeper understanding of our clients’ circumstances.  Also, one of our aims as a company is to play our part in regenerating the Castleford area by creating high-quality and well-paid employment here in the town, ideally for locals.  

We have high expectations of all our colleagues.  The small business environment favours those with a good work ethic.  Lazy workers can goldbrick and fly below the radar in large organisations.  In a small firm there’s no place to hide.  Anyone who doesn’t pull their weight soon sticks out like a sore thumb.  Conversely, hard workers can often be overlooked and unappreciated in a large company, or be held back by office politics.  Not here though.  We notice hard workers and we reward them appropriately. 

We have all worked at places where we’ve seen backstabbers playing office politics set colleagues up to fail for what they perceive to be personal advantage, regardless of the damage done to the organisation as a whole, its clients and their other colleagues.  We have zero tolerance for self-serving behaviour.  Every colleague at West Riding is a stakeholder in our company.  All understand that for any of us to succeed as an individual, we all have to succeed as a team.  Read more here